February 26, 2007

Choo Wai Lim

After seeing the photo you just sent and making a few calls and checking with my nieces in Muar; The mystery lady is Saw Lay Choo; The one standing behind, is her husband, Daniel Tay. They are residing in Muar; Husband has a law practice; Lay Choo is home-maker; Has a daughter, Christine 17 yrs old; That's so much information in a picture!!

February 23, 2007

Class Photo: Form 5H 1974

Photo credit: Lee Lik Meng
Note fr blog controller: Meanwhile, can somebody forward a scan of original 5H photo as this uncleared copy was taken off by LLM from the school magazine...

February 22, 2007

Lim Chuan Aik

Yesterday I received a surprise telephone call. I am pleased to report that last night I caught up with Bernard Lau Eng Kee in Singapore. He will be here till late Sat and then he will be in KL till the end of the monthcbefore flying back to his home in UK.cBernard has been living and working in Leicester since 1985? He is married with 3 kids ... well, at our age, I should say, teens. For those of you wishing to catch up with him and hearing his voice, you can call him at his mother's house in KL from this Sunday onwards. 03 7722 5601 His email is lau@

Ang Kim Hwa

I wish I was there. I am truly sorry for not being able to attend the gathering. That night my heart was with you all even though I was down here in Kuching. No need to give any excuses but I hope you all will understand. But I promise next year I will definitely attend as we plan to go back together to Muar for my New Year visiting after so many years. I truly miss to meet all of you. Please feel free to contact me when you happen to bypass Kuching. You can contact me at YH messenger at jim421629 or 016 896 8385. Remember we are not young anymore, treasure what we have left, especially you, all my frens….Wish you all n yr family be well n happy always. Long live HSM 7476.

Goh Yong Huat

I was looking forward to see "all the committed attendees" but unfortunately, a few did not turn up. And we missed 1) The Dirty Joker from Penang, and 2) The Hokkien Singer from Kuching besides TheLocals. And for the disappearing act of Fred Chong, I have to do some explaining to some that he has his yearly S'pore pilgrimage to do, and that he did not commit to be present, so Fred, you owe me ONE! It was good to see quiet a few new 5H classmate, like Chin Tin, Roger (Moore) Eng Nam Heng, Lim Tee Hoon, Tey Kok Cher beside Willcan and the others. I don't see anyone with the camera, so guess there will be no pics for Sonny to put in the blog. I personally like Ros Ng's idea of a Potluck gathering, and if our Muar TaiKo's bangalow is ready, place will no longer be an issue. Since Ros is bringing the wine and the beer, I will bring his beloved 52 cards friend ....OK ? Btw, Ros, I will be in JB around the mid of March and will pop into S'pore for an evening.

February 21, 2007

Ng Teck Lee

We have ourselves to thank for yet another successful get together....though understandably the excitement was not the same as we first organized it. However, there are new faces who we met after more than 30 years, like Kok Cher, Kok Hua, Tee Hoon, Wilcan Loh.....who else have I missed??? I am in Singapore now and do not have the complete list.....can check wth Swee Hock though.

For those who left a little earlier, I must tell you that the party was not over until 2.30am; about 10 of us still had good time in the hotel.... almost finished all the red wine, save and except 2 bottles which I will keep till next year....no no...I will finish them and return 4 bottles fresh ones next year.

Swee Hock have not told me how much was spent that night. Will keep you posted when I received.

Lim Chuan Aik

Lik Meng - thanks for the lift to and fro, much appreciated. This year, I think there wasn't enough time to mingle and exchangepleasantries - I guess time seems to fly for many of us at this stage of ourlife. Perhaps we do things a little differently next year? We have a whole year to think of where and what to do next year. Someone suggested involving also our spouses and children, that is a good idea. As for that mystery lady, wasn't that your wife in your drunken stupor? Ooops, sorry, it was lunch time and ... hmm ... tell us more.

Choo Wai Lim

I gave a miss in the gathering too. Btw,besides Meng, anybody else happened to snap photos, can you post for our viewing. Better still, can i have the files for achiving into HSM blog, Send to choowl@streamyx.com

Lee Lik Meng

I guess we are all back in our little nook or corner after the mass migration home.I attend the HSM 74/76 gathering in Muar. Was quite a good turn out but not as many as last year. Sorry, the dirty joker gave it a miss.
Ooops, I forgot to bring my camera along so no pictures from me this year. Oooo, I managed to find the MUARA (our school magazine) for 1974 and 1976. Wait lah, we I have time, I will scan it for you chaps.
Hey. I bummed into a lady at lunch (in Muar during CNY) and she called me "LIK MENG!" "You are Lik Meng, right?"... I turned around and stared at her ... big blank on my face... anyone of you recognise her?

February 14, 2007

Choo Wai Lim

Photo taken in June 2006 with Alick Loh, Willcan Loh and other Muarians

February 13, 2007

Direction to Classic Hotel (H1)

February 12, 2007

Choo Wai Lim

Photo taken in KL (Jan 2006) to meet Ann Swee (U6AA) during her holidays here. Also present were Leng Neo (U6AB seated middle!) and other exConvent School Muar class 1974

Loh Ann Swee

Even as I write this message, I'm not sure if it's going to the list or to some unknown cyberperson! I tried subscribing to the list from my new email address but somehow that didn't work and I'm at a lost as to how to make that change.

In case you do not remember who I am, I'm the one sitting next to Mr. Anthony Tan in the 1976 Prefectorial Board photo posted on the HSM blog. I've enjoyed reading some of the emails going back and forth between Fred and others. Between a full time job and 3 kids to take care of, I don't have the time to read all the messages. Anyway, I've been in the state of Washington, USA for the last 19 years. I live about 25 minutes away from the city of Seattle where I work. However, it takes me at least 2 hrs. to get to and from work due to the crazy traffic. If anyone is planning on visiting this part of the world, don't hesitate to contact me. I was back in Malaysia last year and had the chance to meet up with Sonny Choo and Leng Neo and a few other friends from my Convent days. I wish I could be there for one of your get-togethers. If you guys are planning on meeting every Chinese New Year, I can plan on going back during that time - maybe in 2009???

February 11, 2007

Chong Chen Fah, Fred

For a long time, the only hokkien song i knew had been"ti or or, beh lok hor" (sky dark dark, want to rain)! Now i know one others, my favourite, in field of two, hokkien song..."ai bia jia eh yia" (must strive only can win). I would like to share it with you. Check it out at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hsm7476/files/of course, there had been "tipu" hokkien songs:- "ahcheng beh lo ti" (ah cheng buy bread/unchained melody) by the righteous brothers- "ong lai lor" (pineapple road/all night long)by nin nag eh lee chee (your second elder sister/lionel richie), of the commodores

February 05, 2007

Ang Kim Hwa

Hi Yong Huat, Khim Hwa here. You should have contacted me when u r in Kuching. Just look up telephone directory n u can find me there. This is how my other frens of mine found me. I am still good at singing chinese songs n hokkien songs. Always being invited to go up the stage n sing. I still remembered my red singlet, printed with the "carpenter" by you n yr curly hair style of yours. Still the same? I have lost some of my hairs but not my manhood as it is going stronger n stronger day by day. I may join the reunion if I can manage to get my flight n transport to go to Muar n back to Kuching to join my family. I really love to meet all my buddies whom I have missed for the past 30 years

February 04, 2007

Lee Lik Meng

Fred, Your undying effort to stimulate, err ... instigate, err .... motivate .... castigate ... eeerrrrrrrrrr Well, whatever you are trying to do ... I salute your gumption (?) and perserverance, determination, resoluteness, insistence ... Anyway, keep it up ... we are all rooting for you. Flood the email inbox, I have not worries ... I still have 2 Gig to spare. Right after CNY everyone is going back to sleep anyway .. until the next round of buzz. BTW, remember (Dr) Ivan Filmer, the physics teacher (?), Interact Club advisor? I have met him a couple of times at the USM canteen. He used to work at the Malayan Teachers College in Penang as a lecturer. I met him about a week ago at the same canteen (his favourite hangout) at lunch time and he said he's retired ... but he looks exactly the same as in the 1970s. He's one of those evergreen guys ... really a pity that we retire our teachers at 56. I remember him as one of the very good teachers. Next time I see him I will try to snap a photo for you.

Lim Chung Aik

Sorry to disappoint you but I dont recall being in any inter-school quizzes. Trust me, these days I sometimes forget where I ate my lunch yesterday -yes, old age has begun to set in, over-dosing myself with gingko nut soup in a desperate attempt to slow down the onset of dementia! To those whom I owe money, you had better come collect it from me before I conveniently forget who you are!

Hehehe...One of the few things I recalled was my first day in Form 4H ... there was this form teacher, a Chinese guy teaching Bahasa Malaysia. Mr Seet? I wasbusy "catching up" with an old friend from Ismail School 1 and he caught me talking in class. I swear I was just whispering and quite discreet but he picked on me, made me stand up and I thought I was gonna get a tight slap as he looked so mean then. (After that I enrolled in the TaeKwondo class! No No, I am kidding.) Anyway, my cheeks were spared and I lived to tell this story... he realised I was a goody boy! Hehehe. But hey, I think I just squandered an hour reading all these mails! Frankly I feel quite sad that time has passed us by. Look at those pics, we were in shorts and now we are panting to climb up the stairs. Those of you yet to decide whether to join us, please dont waste time ... come along and catchup and re-live those precious years.

Lim Chung Aik

Whoa Lik Meng, well done! What a laugh ... you mean to say we all looked like that then? Oh gosh!hahaha ... anyway, I was in Sri Muar for my Forms 1 - 3. OK, the guy in the black shorts is Bernard Lau Eng Kee. His mother ran a ladies hair salonback then at Jln Omri. He went to UK, married a Brit lady and now is living in Leicester(?). Hewas last here in Singapore in 2004 (?) and I can tell you guys he looks almost the same as 30 yrs ago! Must be the nice cold weather there? OK, there were a couple of wisdom lines on the face. I emailed him after that but there was no response but I know his 'young'uncle living in Singapore.

Class Photo: Form 5G 1974

Photo credit: Frederick Chong CF. For name listing, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hsm7476/database and click 5G 1974

School Photo: Prefectorial Board 1976

Photo credit: Lau Bee Har, Janet

School Photo: Editorial Board 1976

Photo credit: Lau Bee Har, Janet

Class Photo: Upper Six Arts A 1976

Photo credit: Frederick Chong. For name listing go to
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hsm7476/database and click USAA 1976

February 03, 2007

Lee Leng Chai,Dennis

Catch up with you in Muar, I am now traveling in Northern China, - 17 to 20 C! By the way, Tanjong Mas Golf course might not be the right place. I was a member for 10 years, just to support Muar. After 2100 hr, sorry lah. Dam poor service. I leave it to the organizers because I have not been there for the last 2/3 years. Teh tarik, also not pull!

Tan Too Ngee, Steven

Hi everyone ! This is certainly a pleasant surprise........haven't heard from or even about most of you since way back then........amazing ! Some names are familiar, others not but would certainly look forward to meeting up. Cheers

Manfredd Ng

Received your email. I was travelling in Europe. Its great to know that we are having HSM old boys meet again. I will call the bouncher Alan Choy to join. Look forward to meeting you guys again. Last year was a turbulent one for me and my family. The Malaysian furniture industry faced intensive competition and challenges in every major aspect of prices, raw material and cost. My father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. During the solemn moment of truth, a smiling doctor was advising me the pallative steps for my father. The doctor was someone around my age group. I continued with my busy work, business and travel schedule until Alan Choy invited me to join the HSM7476 dinner in Classic Hotel. I was also assigned to invite 2 former teachers. I managed to rope in Mr Yah Siak Chu the volley master.

It was a great experience for me when I entered the door. There were so many High School friends that I left behind some 30 years ago. They came with different professions. They looked familar and yet strange. They were like a page in history to me. I met Thomas Koh, Tang Chee Hong, Koh Boon Chai, Chan Swee Hong, Chan Guan, Khoo Boon and many others. I was indeed surprised to see the smiling doctor among us. He was none other than Dr Huang Siew Nam. It was only in HSM7476 did I realise that I have nearly forgotten this cohort of old friends. We have became doctors, general managers, remisiers, engineers, lawyers, regional sales managers, associate professors, regional directors and so on.

Several weeks later, my father passed away. Many relatives, friends, church members, business associates attended the funeral. There were plenty of wreaths, kind words and Pek Kim send to my family. Just before the hearse begun I noticed a particular wreath. It was send by and signed as Class of HSM7476. I was touched and almost in tears to receive this kindness and thought from all of you. It is nearly a year now. I look forward to meet my HSM7476 friends again.

Rgds The Carpenter

Kang Tai Peng

Gong Xi Fa Chai to all. I was from Class 5H in 1974. Too busy working as an accountant in JB. Not a very nice profession especially at this time of the year. Thanks to all the emails that you guys sent. I must admit that I don't have the extra minutes to go through them all. Thanks to Lee Chan Guan sending an SMS and a call from Teng Chee Peng reminding me to register. My email contact is kangtp@keckseng.com. My mobile is 013 727 9876. I am coming to the gathering to join all of you.

Chong Chen Fah

yes, i remember quek thian kerk but haven't seen him since 1976. He's a key member of hsm's power team that swept all inter-school quizzes - others include yeusiang, likmeng and chungaik(?). They used to memorise dictionaries, encyclopedias, guinness-book-of-world-records etc. for recess?! ;-) brainy guys, those!

Ng Teck Lee

I am trying to learn from my idol,Fred the Cyber kid.So I have sucessfully log on to ,and join hsm7476. I called some friends and they told me they do not open their PC or their kids keep occupying the PC. So they ask me to use fax instead.I think this is fully understandable....considering the fact that we used only slide rule during our hari ini dalam sejarah. When calculator was still prohibited during exams.I was impressed by Meng Hui calculator with green display. So Boon Chai is probably right,we can still fall back to phone call or smoke signal. For a guy from financial institution,I must admit that i am ashame that I have so little IT knowledge. Fred,I take my hat to you. Well,Dinner is on...venue is to be decided once Swee Hock firm up.

Chan Swee Hong

I would very much like to meet up with a good friend of ours, last I heard of him was going by the name which sounds like "Quek Tiang Kerk". So sorry, he is or shall I rephrase it as....he was such a good friend and company when I met up with him in the late 1980's while he was employed by the Regent Hotel as its in-house engineer. I don't believe a guy of his stature, both in terms of size and reputation, could possibly fizzle out just like that. Funny thing is that, I have not heard of anyone amongst us who has mentioned abt this good old chap!!! BTW, Fred, he is in the front row of your 1974 prefectorial picture - the guy who donned the black horn-rimmed glasses.

Lee Lik Meng

Wah, Lee Khim, very impressive business portfolio.Dear Fred, I implore you to withdraw your rather improper (and insulting) use of the male-chauvinist-inspired term of "tau-kae-so" to refer to our good friend who is in every right and in every sense of the word a TAU KEH without the "so-so". But thank you very much for your really very helpful glossary of the new-fangled language of the web. I envy you. People like us still have to slog day-in and day-out to put food on the table. And here you are, RETIRED, and having lots of fun .... life's not fair. Ok, back to earning my keeps ...

Goh Yong Huat

Let's give Fred a big hand for keeping this Group going - he told me he has RETIRED ! As usual, he is alway ONE step ahead of me,I remember him from Standard 2 Suloh in Ismail School 2, and he was the lucky one whose mum fetch him to school in a Mini , right ? To travel in your own car back in 1966 or so, is quite something ... Flash back to primary days, we have - Teo Wei Kei; Dr. Lim Boon Hock; Willcan and Alick Loh; Tee Tong Leng; Lau Eng Kee; Chong Lee Fatt; Neo Boon Teck; Ng Ing Ling; Tan Ng Kwang and Tan Jun Kwang, and .... Notice from the mails, we do have some new "long Lost 30+ year Friends" as compared to last year, like Leng Neo; Willcan; Mathew Foo; Janet Lau Bee Har ... I believe we can get more, if as Fred says, we all chip in and give them a call - Daniel lau peng nam, Chua Kok Ching and Kok Eng; Tan Ng Kwang; Oon Chin Tin; Lee Kai Meng; Low ah Hock; Low Lian Hock; ladies like Saw Lay Choo ( believe she is still in Muar! ) Liew Na Na; Quek Swee Kee; Tan Chek Yiang; and What about Bumi Friends ? Anyone who still keep contact with them ?

Tan Ay Bing

THANK YOU for the hard work put in by all of you organising the gathering. I will NOT be able to join you this year as I m not going back to Muar. My contact in KL are 03-79552496, 012-2892496, 03-79556810(fax)

Chong Chen Fah, Fred

Greetings, Pak Kean! And thanks for the memories...I remember the classmates you named,except "Teo Kok Hua" doesn't seem to ring a bell. Must be age catching up on me, leh!? Erhh, your memory osso got sikit kurang, or not? I was not 5G class monitor, lah! Yes, I remember Inter-School Debate final: HSM lost to CHIJ (AnnSwee led the Conventteam) that year - but our last (anchor?) speaker got the "bestspeaker" award, bah! Inter-class debates were fun! Don't remember 4G/5G winning, but who cares? We enjoyed ourselves, we joked, we poked fun. And my, how the audience loved WaiLim!

Kwan Pak Kean

Saw the barrage of emails shooting all over the place and decided to let the noise settle a bit before joining in. Thanks, Chen Fah, for reminding me about the gathering. Have no plans to return to Muar for whatever reasons and have not been back for many years.... maybe one of these days... but not this CNY.

Reading these emails sure bring back goooood ole memories doesn't it. Cheng Fah.. Class monitor of 5G with gift of the gap. Can never forget your debates in the school hall. Teo Kok Hua.... Hmmm.... Arent u from 5G also? I think u r d specy chap whos rather quiet in class. Rajvinder Singh, Murugan... Wonder where these jokers are now. Ng Chi Cheng, Tan Siow Chuan, Lim Hock Joo. I m in contact with the the former 2; but lost contact with Hock Joo (he is working in Muar OCBC; so if anyone remembers him, do check him out and send him my regards if u do so...Erm, one small favour .... Get his contact numbers or email for me, ok? Last exchanged emails with Wai Lim many moons ago... If anyone remembers me (I don't think I was particularly noisy nor infamous in 5G) do drop me a line to catchup. Sayonara for now. And, as for the webmasters, keep up the good work --paste more pics on the blogs and youtube.

Lau Bee Har, Janet

Blog controller: Bee's family photo taken recently in HK. She's married to Yue Chiang, a Muarian; Have 2 lovely children, Tricia & Darren. They are now residing in Perth....

Class Photo Form 3A 1972

Class Photo Form 2A 1971

February 02, 2007

Choo Wai Lim

A big thank you to Lik Meng for the 2 photographs of 36 years old which are published above. We will try to compile the names against the faces....

January 30, 2007

Lim Chung Aik

I no longer play table tennis, picked up tennis but stopped years ago.Of course, Swee Chong is still my good friend but we hardly communicate.The last time I was in Muar, I looked him up and he called me when he was passing Singapore on his way from Muar to Melbourne.Yeu Siang is in Singapore and I do keep in touch with him, albeit not that regularly.Years ago, I organised the first HSM get-together for some of our guys residing in Singapore. We had 10 of our guys attend a dinner.2 years later I organised another get-together and had 20! After that no one took over and I was too busy and soon procrastination took the better of me.Too Ngee, yes, we used to play TT at your home, remember?

Koh Boon Chai

Tan Too Ngee (Steven) was my neighbour in Tan Tun Dr Ismail and his contact number should be 03-21015173 or 75 (Arab-Malaysian Securities). I only have his old name card so guess he is still there! Chong Lee Fatt will know him?

Lau Bee Har, Janet

Hi Fred, I was wrecking my brains trying to fathom who is who with all these abbreviated email addresses. I am not going incognito as Janet but over here, to ask them to pronounce Chinese names was a big chore when we arrive 18+ years ago. Yes it has been that long ago. Now with many added lines to the forehead, greying hair and receding hairlines, and kids in tow, we are all finally trying to catch up.... thanks to email and obviously, we need one enthusiastic person to get the ball rolling.

Chong Chen Fah, Fred

Yo, ChungAik, Swee Chong still your "good friend"? Care to get him to join this list? You still play table tennis? for those not in the know, CA's a tt "terror" those days) Ah, well, I suppose motorbiking's a lot more exciting than pingpong, ya? In contact with the rest of the old tt/pp kaki? We're waiting for Yeu Siang (another great tt player) to check-in here. Where's Too Ngee? Wonder if his must-be-very-old-by-now tt table's still around...

HSM Yahoogroup

Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the hsm7476 group:

Are you coming for the CNY 2007 gathering of Young@Heart 50-year olds? Eligibility : Any one (but if you were formerly from High School Muar, that would be a bonus)
Date : 1st evening of CNY 2007 (18th Feb, Sunday, 8.30 pm onwards)
Place : Some where in Muar
Who to bring : wives and husbands (one each please)
What to bring : big smile, spare change $$$ (mandarin oranges for good luck)
What to wear : sexy school shorts (no tie please)

o Yes, but I need to visit the gym first
o Yes, because my old flame will be there
o Yes, because Leng Chan got me drunk last year
o Yes, because I also a datuk now like Datuk Teng CP
o Yes, because I want to tell some dirty jokes
o Yes, my wife/husband wants to meet the rascals I keep telling him/her about
o Yes, because the bully will not be there
o Yes, I miss my friends
o errr ... see lah!

To vote, please visit the following web page:

Koh Boon Chai

I am sure many more will attend, so e-mail and Yahoo group networking may not be working very well unfortunately...........better trust the old way of calling them up, or using smoke signal? I am sure people like Chan Guan, Meng Hui, Simon Tay, Edward (or Yeo Eng, another one from Negeri Cina like yours truly!!) etc etc etc (remember Yul Bryner??) will be showing up. We sure need some diversity here (I mean gender) so would request Teck Lee to help (he has his way to persuade the ladies !!) or it may well be a boring night, and that will make my trip all the way from Shanghai a big disappointment!!

Eng Nam Heng

Hi Chung Aik, We were in the same class.I am the tall but quiet guy who come from 'Suan Teng' by motor bike. I was quiet then because I could not speak in English. Actaully I was very good in Hokkien but not allowed to speak in school. I have missed the last gathering and trying to make it this time. Any recommendation which hotel should I stay?

January 29, 2007

Thomas Koh

Its great reading all the e mails thats coming in.In case you guys have forgotten me I'm the guy in photo IMG 0014 from last years reunion. I am afraid that I cant attend this years reunion as I have to be in KL. where I have been residing for the last 25 years. If ever you guys are in town please look me up. Big thanks to Teck Lee, Wai Lim and Lik Meng who are the 3 main organisers of this annual gathering. BTW anyone remember my class in Form 5?

Willcan Loh

Chung Aik, Great to hear from you. Sorry for replying this manner as I need to take care when using my office e mail. Saw your photo and hey you are still recognisable In other words you still look good. Memories of the old days....true...lucky to be alive and how competetive we could get turning friends into headons...just because we try to beat each other by 1 mph. I gave up biking when I fell down infront of my office with my missus who just recovered from a broken ankle....that was it and it turned into a kitchen cabinet...good turnover to a new leaf!!Anyway whatever past is still a good memory and it is really great to hear from you. Now we appreciate one another..after a long long miss and think how those times of our friendship were "wasted" then. Thanks for your invite

Quay Leng Neo

Lik Meng, I think you must be mistaken or i was not aware of, ha,ha. I am no more a Miss Quay but a Mdm Quay, my daughter is already 25 years old this year. I am the one staying in Jaln Sulaiman , short distance from the temple, the house with a big compound. I think i quite remember you, a small size boy, a prefect right?

Lim Chung Aik

Yo Willcan,Remember me? We used to race motorbike late at night. I shudder to think what would have happened if a dog had crossed the road while we were "cruising" at 70 MPH, yup, that is 120 kmph!!! Madness, real idiot, arent we? I am glad I am still alive! But I am sure I can still beat you now because I dont believe you still own a motorcycle at this age! But I do! ... I have a 400 cc, amongst my harem of motorcycles! Yes, I have kept a few 'classic' motorcycles like the old Honda Cup 50c.c., Honda XL 100 Scrambler, etc etc. Your brother had a Honda CB100 and he rode it regularly from Muar to JB where he worked - gosh, a 100cc all the way to JB and back! We were made of steel then! Hey, any of you guys coming over to Singapore, please feel free to stay over if you dont mind roughing it out at my house, plenty of room. Of course those of you, who are used to luxury, should stay put in your 5star hotels but please do call me. Your calls are most welcome.

Lim Chung Aik

Yo Willcan,Remember me? We used to race motorbike late at night. I shudder to think what would have happened if a dog had crossed the road while we were "cruising" at 70 MPH, yup, that is 120 kmph!!! Madness, real idiot, arent we? I am glad I am still alive! But I am sure I can still beat you now because I dont believe you still own a motorcycle at this age! But I do! ... I have a 400 cc, amongst my harem of motorcycles! Yes, I have kept a few 'classic' motorcycles like the old Honda Cup 50c.c., Honda XL 100 Scrambler, etc etc. Your brother had a Honda CB100 and he rode it regularly from Muar to JB where he worked - gosh, a 100cc all the way to JB and back! We were made of steel then! Hey, any of you guys coming over to Singapore, please feel free to stay over if you dont mind roughing it out at my house, plenty of room. Of course those of you, who are used to luxury, should stay put in your 5star hotels but please do call me. Your calls are most welcome.

Lim Chung Aik

Huh? SH? 50? What 50? I am still riding motorcycles on weekends and behaving like as if I am 18! OK, albeit much slower and no longer showing off - what an idiot I was then! Glad I am still alive! Yes, I will be there at 9pm. Oh, can anyone offer to pick me up from Jalan Bakariah? Opposite the Sai Kee Coffee Powder factory? Incidentally, my wife is the daughter of the patriach but, sorry ah, no free coffee powder ... but maybe can wrangle a discount for you. My Muar tel is 95 10 263

Chong Cheng Fah, Fred

Great to hear from you, Willcan! Yes, it's been a real long time, no? Yes, I remember teh-chang-kong. Taught us Physics (or was it Maths?) in 5G. He used to make me run round the school (caught me dozing off, lah - what else?) and I'd go gallivanting and take a long time coming back... He later changed his strategy (gave up?) and would tell me: "You, ah, always either sleeping or making ahellofa noise. I rather you sleep, lah!"

Willcan Loh

Been a loooong while since hearing from you lot. Not anybody's fault I suppose, just getting old and sinister lah..as usual. Looking at the photos...hmm, many have taken a beating. I can only recognise a few remnants. Maybe we all need a facelift and a tummy tucker, a good hairdo will also do, before we meet again so as to regain our "former glory" and not surprise each other so much....

Anyway, since the vivid memories of our past days have been aroused, wonder where is our niceteee maths teacher "teh chiang kong" ie if you had belonged to our infamous class Form 4b. Hope he's ok since the last I met & knew, that he was selling photostat machines..ie apart from sending our dear monitor to dancing class on saturdays...for always combing his hair and once, locking all the doors!!

Matthew Foo

Good to "hear" from one and all. Looks like the CNY festive is gathering speed. I am still alive and kicking though I did had a close shave a few years back. Won't be able to make it to the CNY gathering as I am in Melbourne (Australia) unless there is a rich kind soul out there who is willing to sponsor my airfare. CNY over here is a low key event though it is starting to pick up with more chinese families here. Met Lik Meng and Boon Hock in early 2001 when I was visiting Penang. I think I did see Kok Hua, Mike Chiang and Sonny then too.

Chan Swee Hong

Hi, Not too sure what's happening here but as directed, I hereby submit the fact that I am very much alive & kicking. Hey, it's kind of nice to read those mails that came by for the last few days on the CNY gathering. Just imagine we were all abt 19 when we left HSM and now at 50, we are still going at each other like the good old days.

Many thanks to Teck Lee & Swee Hock. I salute you guys for taking the initiatives to start "something" which by now had "rekindled" so many good old memories.......... It would have been better if someone could garner more participation from the ladies of Form Six years. We certainly do not wish for each year's gathering to be something of an "Old Boys Gathering" with a few ladies present, do we? How could we try to get more interest from the ladies. Sorry, couldn't help much in this area as I have lost contacts with the few ladies I once knew in what was known as "Bio-Maths classes???"

Huh, CCF, I do remember this chap. I doubt if he could figure out who I am....but one thing for sure, he is much taller than I am and invariably it should apply to Lik Meng!!!

Lee Lik Meng

Dear Fred Chong, My humble and profuse apologies. Yah, those MIW (Men In White) do look really intimidating .. I again humbly apologise on behalf of all the MIW for all those gangster-like behaviour - not that I was intimating at all given my skinny built and short stature - ask the ladies!.

Hi, Miss Quay - are you the cute one which all the boys in double-maths had a crush on? Ah, I do remember you, vivid as if it was yesterday. Sorry, Fred ... my brains seems to have better recall for visuals of the ladies. And that includes Ann Swee too - another one of those who broke quite a few hearts.

Koh Boon Chai

Thanks Fred, I will be there on 18th evening and thanks for arranging nasi lemak and roti canai (at least the thought is there, never mind the food as I should be watching the bulge!) Fred, can you send your best looking pic to Lik Meng? Remember a picture paints a thousand words, and despite the fine description by Teck Lee, I don't think it was helpful to Lik Meng!! See you all in Muar!!

Chong Chen Fah, Fred

Well done, Sonny! You had always had a perceptive eye and great wisdom - even from more than 32 years ago! And you're right, of course. The real bullies (check out my accompanying photo) are those who guard the gate and make us push our bicycles (motocycles for the richer ones). Used to shiver when the likes of Lik Meng, Boon Chai, Yeu Siang, Mathew Foo, etc, came to Form 4G/5G on their rounds to secure business for the specially appointed school barber for the day! ;-) [Thankfully, there's Wah Kiow(Dave?) our class monitor - when we see he's had a haircut, chances are the bullies (oops, pengawas) are coming...]

Oh, and LikMeng would have probably gotten better protection from the girls of LSAB(75) - remember all the male school teachers couldn't beat them at tug-of-war during orientation week?

Chong Chen Fah

Okay, folks, looks like our get-together is on! Sunday, 18 Feb 2007 (first day of CNY) from 8.30pm onwards. Venue to be confirmed by SweeHock

To facilitate arrangements, may I (on behalf of the organisers) request each of you on this list to kindly indicate if you'll be able to attend. Soonest, please?
Also, if you have the email/phone contacts of other hsmers(74/76), please add them to this list and invite them to join the get-together.

I understand BoonChai's prepared to fly in all the way from Shanghai to join us. And I was prepared to "tar-pow" for him the best nasi lemak and roti canai in town to secure his presence... But alas, my first-day-of-CNY's traditionally spent with in-laws in Singapore - so I can't be in Muar, lor! :-( Erhh, can someone (YongHuat? TeckLee?) promise to pay BC his "appearance fee"?? ;-)

Oops, sorrylah, LikMeng (your mail just came in), if it sounded like an order, which it's not - I said please, mah! Haiyoh... I'm no "orderer" lah, just the orderly. Not the tallest handsomest guy, the "Kepala" around here, you know the one with the "(Head)" behind his name?

Ng Teck Lee

Dear Professor Lee, You are only half right....yes Fred was the ladies' man alright, probably only Boon Chai had that Charisma those day. On the other hand that uncle Teck Lee was already behaving like uncle during his teens.....though I was tall but not handsome ...no lady threw a second look....

Fred was not small size....he was kind of very looking guy that impressed many ladies.....I was impressed by his eloquent debating skill and command of English.....as a China Apek....I was embarrassed...

Choo Wai Lim

Sorry Lik Meng, Chen Fah's far taller than you. He was born with good bony structure, good body weight (don't know now), posseses pleasant character and with his gift of the gap, i guess the ladies were rather attracted to him.

Yap, Chen Fah was pushy; accosted the smaller size ones such as me; Btw, Lik Meng the prefect was rather a bully too; the one standing at the entrance and taking down names of those late comers. Yah, we saw your activities from the 1st floor classroom; and you were standing next to Liew Na Na and Gan Kim Mei for added protection!!

To all, please note that your responses/messages to this yahoogroup will be archived into our HSM Blog. Do visit http://highschoolmuar.blogspot.com for photos, messages and coming events.

Lee Lik Meng

Dear Chong, I am trying reach deep into the recesses of my dead (or retired) grey cells to stimulate a visual image of this character who goes by the name of CCF and claims to be a ladies-man back in '76.

The visual is greyish and much faded but all I seems to be able to see is a bully ordering smaller people (that includes me) to do this and that ... like park your bicycle here, don't stay in the class during recess, and REPLY TO THIS EMAIL NOW. If there was anyone who had ladies following them around it was probably UNCLE Teck Lee and UNCLE Chan Guan ... the tallest handsomest guys around, right? You are the short skinny guy (like me), right?

As for the CNY gathering, I think Swee Hong's idea is good. Why not just make it a drinks and snacks only type of gathering instead of dinner and make it 9.00 pm so that we can all have dinner with the extended family and come in to chit-chat (and find out who has grown shorter, more handsome, or still alive)?

The photos which I took last CNY were all transported to Wai Lim via Pos Laju last year.

Oh, I AM still alive!

Ng Teck Lee

Fred Chong,you obviously are still young....young at heart at least, see the kind of cyber language you used. Those younger days you used strong English But now you use cyber languages that I have to read twice before getting the real meaning...u r great!! Anyway, thank you for having volunteered to update the contact list via Yahoo which I am still trying to familiarize.

Ng Teck Lee

After discussing with Swee Hock ,we decided to adopt what Goh suggested. There would be no dinner, just drinks. All are requested to chip in whatever amount they feel comfortable. Swee Hock would arrange for a comfortable place, maybe Tanjong Club or any lounge where we can meet and chat. That simple...all welcome...all races.. as states by C.Lim. Will keep you updated who are coming as we go along....

January 26, 2007

Chong Chen Fah, Fred

I've taken the liberty of "harvesting" all email addresses from the messages you all forwarded me, and from the HSM blog. And have come up with a list of 45, as per attached. Will shortly set up a private mailing list, courtesy of yahoogroups. It's a free service -- erhh, not exactly free since we'll have to put up with an ad here and there, but I doubt we'd mind? Thereafter, we'll need to send email to a single yahoogroups addie, and every subscribed member will get a copy. Details to follow. Watch this space....

Chong Chen Fah, Fred

Note: If you have a similar photo but with higher resolution, pls contact me

Chong Chen Fah, Fred

Wow, Yong Huat, what a way to introduce me to the group ;-) Erhh, I think more than a few guys must have been a bit envious those days -- I leading a bevy of 13 beauties all over the school, looking for an empty classroom (or lab or whatever) for English! Ahh, those were the days, And you and WaiLim deserted me, leh!

January 24, 2007

Goh Yong Huat

To Mike Chang; Alan Choy; Pls liaise with Daniel Lau Peng Nam and see if he can make it as well. Had not seen him for quite sometime. I was told by Alan Choy that the Head Mistress of High School Muar is keen to have some details of the Old Boys of the school, so Alan, the ball is at your feet. To those who have contacts of other "long lost friends" of ours, pls contact and inform them as well. "Lost Friends would include who I can recall : Tan Ng Kwang, Tan Jun Kwang, Chong Cheng Fah, Wilcan Loh, Onn Chin Tin, Low Ah Hock, Low Lian Hock, Poh Boon Teng, Eng Nam Heng, Ng Ing Ling, Chua Wei Kei, Tee Tong Leng & Tee Ah Tee

Chan Swee Hong

Yong Huat's idea is brilliant. Will be kind of easy for guys who are hardly back in Muar, to spend more time with their loved ones but could still pop by any time after 8.30pm to meet up with old friends. Speaking for myself, perhaps!!! But I will be there. Best Wishes for the New Year. p.s. Hi Boon Chai, have copied you in since I didn't see your name in the list. Wonder why they have conveniently left you out

Goh Yong Huat

Well, Guess Teck Lee was right ! The FLOOD must have dampened the spirit, but the BOAR should fatten us up, with all the "sui" pouring down ...plenty of water. Anyway, we can have it on a smaller scale, less work for the organisers. Proposed we allocate a gathering time, say 1st day of CNY, 8.30pm onwards, at the lounge at Pelangi Hotel, as it is centrally located, and easy for all the "outstation" guests to find. Count me in! "Gong Xi Fa Cai @ Kong Hee Huat Chai"

January 23, 2007

Ng Teck Lee

Time to Gong Xi Fa Cai again.....are you still there. Swee Hock and Yong Huat called me few days ago and ask whether we should have a get together this year.Well, maybe the excitement is not the same as last year......but I hope the Johor flood has not dampen the spirit. Please reply so that I can measure the "spirit" before we decide whether to have a get together. FYI, there is still some small balance left with Swee Hock ....whatever it is hope to see you during CNY

Footnote from blog controller: Teck Lee and Swee Hock organised the first ever gathering of exHSM students of 1974 to 1976. It was held in Muar on 29 Jan 2006 and close to 60 fellows attended. Out of the whole lot, only two were ladies

August 03, 2006

high school muar forever

February 21, 2006

More high school photos at Flickr.com

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high school muar forever

Group Photo

A group photo of those who turned up for the reunion gathering. Good show guys, Good show!

January 30, 2006

Choo Wai Lim, Sonny

I really had a jolly good time tonight. The last time I saw most of them was 32 years ago. We parted way. I thought that was the last I saw my fellow buddies...And that was Form 5 in 1974. The parting of friends in Form 6 of 1976 was a different feeling altogether....

When I walked into the party, I only recognised few and they're those I met occassionally. The rest, zilch, never know who they are!! The name tags we wore, helped; jogged and refreshed our memories.

Names I knew and called in the 1970s, in the classes, recesses and PE didn't help anymore. Before the evening started, at that split second, linking the name tag with the face it carried, I knew most of them again. We launched into talks. It didn't just happen to me, many experienced it too...

To me, it is not just about the classes, lessons, fun and events we went through together. It is about celebrating our lives and how each of us ploughed and moved on, planted our careers, raised families....

The wrinkles on the faces, sagged cheeks, receding hairline, beer bellies, coloured teeth, thick glasses are some of the assets we acquired during our long absence.

The days of Mr Lye Hai Hai, Mr Chiam, Miss Koh, Miss Cecilia, Mr Anthony Lim, Mr Dominic Yeo etc etc flashed through my thoughts. There was the headmasters I knew, Mr De Cruz, Mr D.P. Pereira and later Mr Micheal Parry.

The night went by. With it, 32 years came and slipped by too. 32 long years. The legacies some of them, teachers, my classmates left behind, I will remember until the end of my days. That night, I slept like a child and I dreamt about my days in Muar High School....